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Author Archive:

Jessie and Mike

Mike and I had been living in the house we bought together for just over a year when our proposal happened. He was working outside on the yard, when a hose burst into his face, causing a plastic piece to make contact with his left eye. His eye was completely red; no iris, no pupil,

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Leah and Tripp

Tripp has always teased Leah for being “crazy about Christmas”. So when the opportunity came to visit New York City during December, Leah could not pass it up. They spent a week in NYC, doing everything on Leah’s “must experience” list (everything from seeing the Statue of Liberty, watching the Rockettes perform, and visiting the

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Jenny and Scott

Seeing as how Jenny and I have been together for so long, it had become a comical subject of conversation as to when I would finally propose. Because of this, Jenny always had the idea in the back of her mind which made it quite difficult to devise a plan that would surprise her. Since

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Ashley and Nate

It was a Tuesday, so Nate and Ashley decided to head up right after work to play poker.  They were too late to make the first game, so they decided to sit outside and have a drink and then headed over to Lansdowne to take their friend out for a birthday dinner.  Then they headed

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Katie and John

THE DATE: SUNDAY, AUGUST 14, 2011 THE LOCATION: SUNSET PARK IN MARATHON KEY, FL John’s grandmother, “Moo Moo,” has a rule about her gorgeous beachfront condo on Marathon Key in Florida: If you are planning on bringing your significant other, you had better be married! When John took his girlfriend on a trip down to

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Ashley and Justin

Justin first asked Ashley’s parents’ permission a good while ahead of time, and they consented, quite excited for the future of the couple. He then talked to their closest friends who resided in Columbia and had planned for everyone to meet at the Botanical Gardens for a fun day. He wanted to do it then,

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Julianne and Ronnie

Ronnie (my husband) had told me that we were meeting my brother for dinner at a nearby lakefront restaurant.  We arrived to the restaurant very early, and Ronnie suggested we take a walk along the beach before my brother arrived.  When we got to the beach, we walked along a rocky area, and Ronnie said

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Bridget and Matt

Matt and I had been together a little over two years when he proposed. Although I pretty much knew he was it for me after about 6 months, it apparently took him a little longer. I suppose all in all that it was fair considering it took him about a year of hitting on me before I agreed to date. I got the

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Drew and Rory

Rory and I have been together for awhile (half decade in September–wow!). We’ve also known that we were “it” for each other for awhile, but settling down and having a wedding wasn’t in our agenda. They say opposites attract, so Rory and I must be some sort of anomaly of physics: we’re both extremely laid-back,

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Heather and John

After being psyched out plenty of times…nice restaurants, weekend getaways…I had given up hope that he was going to ask. I had gotten my hopes up so many times and was convinced, and was still ringless. I had been asking him when he was going to ask and he never gave direct answers. After 2

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