Bridget and Matt

Matt and I had been together a little over two years when he proposed. Although I pretty much knew he was it for me after about 6 months, it apparently took him a little longer. I suppose all in all that it was fair considering it took him about a year of hitting on me before I agreed to date.

I got the first inkling Matt was going to propose when he met my extended family at my sister’s wedding in May 2009. I’m from an extremely large Irish Catholic family and I don’t know if it was the plethora of booze or him having to answer the dreaded “when are you two going to get married” question a hundred times but by the end of the night Matt was telling everyone that they’d probably be back next year for our wedding. And so the waiting began…

I thought maybe in June when my birthday came up, but that day came and passed. Then the fourth of July came and I thought maybe with the fireworks…but nothing happened. Then Rachel came to visit in late July and while she was there Matt told us I should talk over rings since he was going to go shopping some time soon. Yet the month came and passed without a ring. At this point, I was starting to think he was doing this as some sort of cruel and unusual punishment for me nagging about dirty dishes and beard hair in the sink. I finally decided to let him do when he did it and to stop stressing the when, where, and how.

On Friday August 21st I came home from work exhausted and ready to settle on the couch for a long night of mindless tv & maybe some delivery pizza. When I got home though Matt had already started to make dinner and to my delight it appeared to be a Mexican fiesta. I was so excited that he was making my favorite food and I didn’t have to cook that I was only mildly annoyed when he told me I had to run to Publix to get cheese. Matt, being as astute as he is, knew my love of cheese was a sure fire way to get me out of the house.

By the time I made it back Matt had set up the food in the dining room, put some music on, and lit a couple candles. When I walked into the dining room and saw everything he done (including making me my very own cheese dip). I pretty much knew what was happening. Funny thing is, I don’t remember most of what he said when he finally proposed other than he loved me, loved being with me, and thought of spending the rest of our lives together was exciting to him. But really, after that does a girl need anymore? Besides, he had with the cheese dip.

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