Julianne and Ronnie

Ronnie (my husband) had told me that we were meeting my brother for dinner at a nearby lakefront restaurant.  We arrived to the restaurant very early, and Ronnie suggested we take a walk along the beach before my brother arrived.  When we got to the beach, we walked along a rocky area, and Ronnie said he found a bottle with a note on it.  I knew right then what was happening and got very nervous.  Ronnie had designed a label for the bottle and put a very romantic note inside.  As I read the note, he got down on one knee and proposed.

Here are the less romantic parts of the story that I typically omit:  Ronnie had never told my brother about his plan, so when we got to the lake and my brother wasn’t there I called him and yelled at him for being late.  Luckily, my brother thought that he had just forgotten that he had agreed to meet us and didn’t blow Ronnie’s cover (I later apologized to my brother and he met us at the restaurant to celebrate). When Ronnie suggested we walk along the beach I suggested we have a margarita at a nearby restaurant instead.  We debated the issue, but Ronnie was so insistent I gave in.  I was so nervous when I realized that Ronnie was proposing that I wouldn’t even walk to the beach and he technically had to propose on the sidewalk by the beach.

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