Ashley and Justin

Justin first asked Ashley’s parents’ permission a good while ahead of time, and they consented, quite excited for the future of the couple. He then talked to their closest friends who resided in Columbia and had planned for everyone to meet at the Botanical Gardens for a fun day. He wanted to do it then, in front of everyone. However, he had trouble keeping this a secret from Ashley out of excitement (and because they normally tell each other everything) and told her about the plan one evening. She didn’t mind, however, because she thought the idea was incredibly sweet.

The night before his originally planned proposal, the two were having a movie/date night. It was a great night of laughter, conversation, and a good movie (she had never
before seen What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – he had taken on the challenge of introducing her to movies she should have seen forever ago). In short, they were both quite content and happy, enjoying each other’s company.

Later that evening, he took her aside, obviously nervous, and got down on one knee. He told her that although he had planned this big thing for the next day, he didn’t want
to wait any longer before he could call her his fiancé. He also wanted it to still be a surprise, and since he felt he ruined the original one, he decided to do it then, after they
had an already great night. He told her how much he loved her, how much she meant to him, and that he would love to be able to call her his wife. He explained how happy she made him, and how he wanted to spend his life doing the same for her. He then asked if she would marry him.

She said yes.

© Copyright 2011 Rachel Browne Photography