Katie and John

John’s grandmother, “Moo Moo,” has a rule about her gorgeous beachfront condo on Marathon Key in Florida: If you are planning on bringing your significant other, you had better be married!

When John took his girlfriend on a trip down to the Florida Keys in late summer of 2011, Katie thought nothing of the rule, and was just excited to be enjoying this beautiful place that John had talked about for so many years.

On their first evening at the beach, John told Katie that his favorite part about being at the Keys was watching the sun set. The sun didn’t look like it was going to be setting any time soon, so Katie suggested that they go to dinner and see the sunset from there. She had no idea that she was choosing lobster tacos over an engagement ring.

So John tried for a sunset date again the next night. Katie agreed to a later dinner, and the two headed next door to a small park on the water. There were a few people behind them, so he took her to the end of the dock to get “a better view of the sunset” (this was just his way to get away from the people at the park!) It was there, just as the sun was setting into the Atlantic, that John tapped Katie on the shoulder. She turned around to see him on one knee, as he asked her to marry him.

After a few minutes of giggling and hugging… and an excited YES!… a woman came over to congratulate the happy couple. She said, “I saw him get down on one knee, and just started snapping away with my camera!” The two will forever be grateful to the kind stranger that took the photos of the moment they got engaged.

Katie & John are so excited to be starting their lives together, and will be married in October of this year. They could not be happier!

The engagement was the perfect surprise. And now Katie knows why Moo Moo allowed them to take a trip down to the Keys… She knew all along!

© Copyright 2011 Rachel Browne Photography