Ashley and Nate

It was a Tuesday, so Nate and Ashley decided to head up right after work to play poker.  They were too late to make the first game, so they decided to sit outside and have a drink and then headed over to Lansdowne to take their friend out for a birthday dinner.  Then they headed back to make the late game of poker.  They both played (briefly!) and then decided it was time to go home.

Once they arrived at home, Ashley said Olie needed to go out for a potty break before bed.  Nate asked her to wait a few minutes and he would go with her.  Ashley thought that was a little weird, but figured Nate just wanted to make sure Olie behaved (since he hadn’t earlier that day).  Nate apparently (and very sneakily) grabbed the ring and then they headed outside.  Nate had Olie on the leash and was they were leading the way.  Ashley asked where they were going since Olie just needed a potty break and she was really tired.  Nate answered with “Olie’s leading the way” so Ashley just shrugged and kept walking along.

They got to the end of the row of buildings, where there is a little bridge that crosses over to where Ashley and Nate’s new apartment is.  Ashley thought maybe Nate was walking her over there to see exactly where it is.  They crossed over the bridge and then Ashley said she was really tired and really needed to go to bed. Nate said okay and they started back over the bridge…..

Then, Nate stopped and said “I just can’t wait any longer.”  Ashley had no idea what he was talking about, and told him so.  Nate explained that he had tried several times to get a hold of John (Ashley’s dad), and had not been able to talk to him.  ”But I just can’t wait any longer,’ he said.  He got down on one knee (and Olie sat down), pulled out the ring, and asked Ashley to marry him.

Flabbergasted, Ashley said yes (after asking “Are you cereal?”)!  She asked him to pinch her, because she was so excited and thought she must be dreaming!  He put the ring on her finger (perfect fit!) and they stood on the bridge and held each other and absorbed the moment.

They then walked (well, Nate and Olie walked…..Ashley more skipped/floated) back home!  When they got back inside, and Ashley went to look at the ring and immediately had to sit down (it is gorgeous!).  Then, they decided they couldn’t wait to share their exciting news, and headed back out to tell their friends and called Ashley’s parents on the way!

© Copyright 2011 Rachel Browne Photography