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Jessie and Mike

Mike and I had been living in the house we bought together for just over a year when our proposal happened. He was working outside on the yard, when a hose burst into his face, causing a plastic piece to make contact with his left eye. His eye was completely red; no iris, no pupil, just red. I rushed him to the emergency room. As a pilot, he thought his life flying planes was over. Two hours of waiting later, I was allowed back into his room. We sat, trying to make jokes, as we waited for the eye surgeon to arrive. When the doctor arrived, he asked who I was to Mike, and I joked that I was just his roommate. We went back and forth after the doctor left joking about it until Mike decided that was the time to propose. As we were joking, I did not believe his proposal was genuine. It took about 20 mins for me to realize that he was actually asking me to marry him, and that he really had been talking to a guy about having a ring made for me already. We called my parents and our friends from the ER right then and there. Mike had to wear an eye patch for a few days and made a full recovery.

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