Heather and John

After being psyched out plenty of times…nice restaurants, weekend getaways…I had given up hope that he was going to ask. I had gotten my hopes up so many times and was convinced, and was still ringless. I had been asking him when he was going to ask and he never gave direct answers. After 2 years of dating, I was ready! We were driving to my parents house to celebrate my 21st birthday. I knew something was up when he told me to wear a nice dress and he was dressed up a little. But he didn’t say anything in the car and we got through most of the party without anything happening, so I decided he just wanted to look extra special that day because it was my birthday. It had been a dramatic day, burnt hamburgers, rain, heat, and LOTS of family. It was time for the birthday cake and I was told to sit at the table like every other birthday. I looked up and saw him carrying a cake with chocolate hearts on it. When he put it down in front of me it said “Will You Marry Me?” I immediately started crying and shaking my head like crazy. I don’t even think I managed a yes, but I think he knew. It was perfect and I am so glad to spend the rest of my life with him.

Married for: 3 weeks

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  1. Chelsea says:

    How incredibly sweet–literally! It must have been a wonderful moment to have your family all there.

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