Drew and Rory

Rory and I have been together for awhile (half decade in September–wow!). We’ve also known that we were “it” for each other for awhile, but settling down and having a wedding wasn’t in our agenda. They say opposites attract, so Rory and I must be some sort of anomaly of physics: we’re both extremely laid-back, terrible planners, and always 15 minutes late. Our marriage philosophy was: if we have forever with each other, what’s the rush?

We may have continued on the “Yes we plan on getting married…eventually” path for a few more years (the horror!)–but this past Spring Rory found out that he has to transfer to Oregon State University to finish his PhD in Microbiology. We knew we wanted to get married in Miami, where we’ve spent 99.9% of our relationship. And we needed to do it before we moved. Suddenly time became an issue for the Tortoise & the Tortoise.

“Engagement alert” began in April. But nothing happened. Then came May. And June. Rory was talking about getting married in February and he still hadn’t proposed. He would get upset when I would talk about the wedding with my friends and family because he “hadn’t done his part yet.” I was turning into the girl I never wanted to be: impatiently staring at my boyfriend screaming in my head “WHERE’S MY FREAKING RING!!” I was further exasperated during 4th of July weekend when in a conversation about weddings my mother said “Oh stop this nonsense. He hasn’t even asked permission yet!” I was ready to throw a BBQ spatula at my sweet darling’s head.

The following Wednesday we were having a typical weeknight. I was on the couch watching The Princess Bride (one of my all-time favorites). Rory wanted to take Lucy (my dog) for a walk earlier than normal so we could go to bed earlier. He was bugging me every 15 minutes, so I finally agreed that as soon as the movie was over we could run outside. Lucky for us our apartment building is right on the water so these walks are very pleasant and that night was exceptionally beautiful. Towards the end of the walk at a long stretch of open space, Rory stopped me. I was remarking how I wished I had my camera because the water was flat like a mirror and would make beautiful pictures. Rory paused and said “I’m going to remember this night forever.”

I thought That’s a really weird thing to say but I said  “Yeah…. I guess it’s a really nice night…”

Suddenly Rory starting getting really sentimental. I was confused. I thought He sounds like he is practicing for when he proposes. It was a Wednesday. We were walking Lucy. I had no makeup on and tattered clothes. Not looking cute at all. There was no way he was proposing. No way. And then he stepped away from me and started getting down on one knee. I don’t remember if I was saying it out-loud or it was all in my head but NO EFF-ING WAY was on a loop. He asked me to marry him, I jumped and spasmed around and said yes.

Then I asked him to repeat everything he had just said because I blacked out.

He told me about the ring (my grandmother’s diamond put into a custom setting he helped make with one of my brother’s best friends since elementary school), how long he had been planning on proposing (months–but the ring took awhile), and the reasoning for the dog-walking Wednesday proposal (he still wanted to surprise me even though we had been talking the wedding to death because of the move–a last-minute weekend trip or fancy dinner would have been a dead giveaway).

We went upstairs to our place, made a few phone calls and then went back to the spot where he proposed and drank a bottle of wine by the moonlight. It was simple, sweet, and intimate. Perfect for us.

A month and a half later we still haven’t set a date, but we’re getting there. Slowly. :)

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